Health and wellness is more than just the absence of disease. It's a state of vitality that gives you the freedom to be and live well. My aim is to help every patient I see achieve this.

​My philosophy and approach to treatment is based on personalised medicine with the understanding that every individual is unique.

In my practice I combine a broad spectrum of naturopathic therapies and techniques to offer effective, personalised, natural health solutions and a standard of care you can trust.

I look forward to helping you on your wellness journey. 

“ Really listening to and understanding each patient's health concerns is at the core of naturopathic treatment. ”
Sharon Wilford
Naturopath . Herbalist . Nutritionist


Naturopathy is a comprehensive system of medicine that combines science, nature and traditional understanding to diagnose, treat and prevent illness and maintain health and vitality. 




A scientific, evidence based approach to natural health care and medicine.
Guided by the principle of 'healing through nature' to support the body's ability to heal itself.
Taking the time to really listen and understand your health concerns and how it effects you.


" I first visited Sharon after numerous unsuccessful  visits to doctors and specialists to heal a skin crisis. Within 2 visits to Sharon the skin issues resolved. The health journey that I have been on since meeting Sharon has been incredible... Sharon Approached my health needs with compassion, care and determination. Thank ​you Sharon for treating all of us as if we are your family "

Shannon G.  Qld
" If you are sick of being sick, see Sharon!  After many failed attempts to treat symptoms, I was told I had to "manage" them. Sharon resolved the cause of my chronic health complaints.  Now regular appointments with Sharon are like an overhaul for my mind, body and spirit.  A fine tuning ​for the engine and a massage for the soul. "

 Vickey B, Ipswich Qld
 "I had been suffering digestive issues for the past 30 years and after countless efforts from medical practitioners, expensive investigations and former naturopaths, I approached Naturopath Sharon Wilford in her Newfarm Clinic. Unlike previous treatment regimes, Sharon’s integrated medicine approach allows Sharon to tap into several areas of health, providing a holistic approach for her patients. After 5 minutes of examination, Sharon was able to confidently identify the problem and similarly a simple solution. I find Sharon very approachable and knowledgeable, and such caring  nature makes for a very enjoyable naturopathic experience.  
My husband and our four children also eagerly attend the clinic and have all had different health concerns raised and successful outcomes within a short time frame. As a medical professional, I value medicine and alternative therapies. I believe that they all have their place in achieving ultimate health and well-being.  Sharon has truly been life changing for me.  I would definitely encourage everyone despite how well they feel to certainly visit her as there are always aspects of your health that need fine tuning. Everyone I have ever recommended  feels the same way. "
Nicole G. Qld
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